Best Game

Additional nominations

  • Nomination Team
  • Most Original Idea Sakharov Team
  • Best Blockchain Solution for Games
  • Best Technical Implementation Ducatur
  • Most Organic Blockchain Integration into a Pre-Existing Game Zаpp
  • Best Remotely Developed Game 0xWarriors
  • Prizes for Expload improvement A. Belov, V. Kravchenko, A. Shchelov
  • Best Game Design The nomination went to the next Hackathon’s prize pool




21-22 JULY 2018

GameNode unites game industry leaders, blockchain experts and the best developers. They will share their experience of applying blockchain in game projects, speak about the challenges faced by crypto game developers and discuss how blockchain is transforming the game industry.


Speakers’ Presentations

Stock Market Simulator in Games
/ Konstantin Plavnik, Adviser
Destream — the First Decentralized Global Financial Ecosystem for Streamers
/ Dmitry Zorkin, Head of Community DeStream
From F2Р to Crypto Games: Practice, Pitfalls, Prospects. Case Studies.
/ Yury Pomortsev, Founder and CEO Game Garden
Blockchain in Gambling: Market, Players, Competition, ICO, Regulation
/ Konstantin Katsev, Co-Founder and Marketing Director TrueFlip
The Philosophy of Expload
/ Alexander Zelenshikov, CPO Expload
Unchain Gamers
/ Gadji Makhtiev, Founder RAWG
Video Games & Blockchain
/ Richard 'The Levelord' Gray, Game Designer
Launching an Indie Game Studio: How to Find the Resources, People and Technologies
/ Vyacheslav Kozikhin, Creative Director Dark Crystal Games
Gamification in Crypto Trading
/ Pavel Pavchenko, CEO Hyperquant
Adapting Game Mechanics to Crypto Games
/ Egor Grischenko, Lead Producer Crypto Card Duels
Game Marketing: How it Works
/ Sergey Zykov, Marketing Director Armor5Games
How the Expload Platform Works
/ Aleksey Fomkin, СТО Expload
Sberbank’s Blockchain Laboratory: Tasks on the Agenda and the Roadmap
/ Dmitry Plakhov, Chief Development Engineer Sberbank's Blockchain Laboratory
How Cryptos and Blockchain Can Impact on Our Lives in the Near Future
/ Vladimir Serzhanovich, Co-Founder CopPay



Yota Arena — one of the biggest esports venues in Europe


27/1, Dmitrovskoye highway